Burning World!!

The world is burning,
And we are watching.
The skin peeled off,
Still we are scratching.
We are the sheep,
But Shepherd isn’t the lord anymore.
We feel sorry when someone weeps,
But we quickly look for the exit door.
Death and destruction may not be near your kingdom,
But that doesn’t mean you should stay mum.
What happened to our intelligent species,
When some people are forced to eat feces.
ISIS is not a terror group but an industry,
So is USA look at the history.
What happened to native Americans and Japanese,
Is not a mystery.
The point is not to blame,
But to wake you sane.
We live, work and die for the businessman,
We call it jobs because slavery is banned.
Killing a Muslim Killing a Christian,
Killing a Hindu and killing a Human.
There’s no difference,
it’s life you dispense.
Who gave you the right?
Why this ego and might?
Money is a tool to control with no real value,
its existence is dependent and shallow.
Pablo Escobar once burnt two million dollars to keep his daughter warm.
Doesn’t matter if you are Bush or Saddam,
Doesn’t matter if you live in a Palace or a little farm.
The day it all ends,
All your treasures will stay here.
You’ll be just a memory,
So show a little kindness and care,
While you are alive,
Cause there’s nothing wrong in being fair.
Stop living like a hamster,
With life have a love affair.
Please let’s stop being greedy,
We have enough to share.
Life always give you what you want,
But can you give life what it needs.
This process is complicated like food makes blood,
But on blood how long can you feed.
There’s much to say,
I’m not here forever to stay.
Follow the right path,
Cause we have debts to pay.
You’ll keep learning all your life,
The last thing you’ll learn is how to die.


Meaning of Life!

Saint in the mountain,
they say has the life’s fountain.
I have to go see him,
where there is light but it seems dim.
I climbed hours tired,
no sign of life to admire.
Waiting behind the rocks I slept,
opened my eyes in cave carefully kept.
Meditating saint,
small body shadow giant.
Me: “What are you doing?”,
He said: “Seeds of life I’m sowing”.
Strange thing to say,
Me: “One question please,
Before my regards I say”.

Me: “What is life?”
“Dreams they say,
with no price to pay.
I offered my soul,
to this life’s role.
Deep in the deepest,
where silence rest.
I made a quest,
to find Moksha’s nest.
Confusing it may sound,
can make you go round and round.
Once found,
joy is profound.
Answers are simple,
questions aren’t complex.
Once understood,
flame’s relation to wood.
Easy as it gets,
life’s show and its sets.
Just smile and shift,
you’ll know life is a gift.”

Girl with a Garbage giant.

I see it everywhere right now right here.
While we sit in restaurants,
eating our fancy meal,
some lives beg, fight and steal.
While we sip martinis,
they are hopeless on their knees.
While you panic about little fuck ups,
struggle to live they can’t give up.
We get too confused for what to wear,
they wear rags of the invisible tear.
Sitting in air conditioning driving your fancy cars,
they are fighting survival wars.
You cry on bruises,
they can’t worry about scars.
While your Cinderella is acting stubborn,
with hunger their stomach burn.
The food you waste,
on which they feed.
While you are sweating in gym,
in the real world they bleed.
Just talk no action,
we blame and blame,
I blame not you but me,
because we are the same.
We have enough, when will we realise,
greed is our demise,
sharing is caring,
by giving we rise.
Homeless but happy,
hungry but smiling,
few things to learn.
We can end it all,
only if we decide,
by not buying another pair of shoes,
instead help them we can try.
All I want is world,
to be a better place,
for all,
no matter which race,
because in the end,
our deeds we’ll face.
Past is gone,
Future will come,
Present is a present and right now here,
we’ve got so much to give,
to live,
to share,
to love and care.

Love and Fate: Eternal Amalgamation

The night was stormy,
lying close,
made us horny.
I creased her back and inner thighs,
where her soft spot lies.
Moaning in joy and ecstasy,
my lips pressed against her’s,
pure fantasy.
in my hands covered her face,
was enough to make her heart race.
I touched her curves and edges,
not enough she alleges.
I flicked the nourishers with my tongue,
a beautiful song was sung.
I adored thy belly,
and moved towards the arch.
Fingers running over my head,
nails digging to leave a mark.
She pushed me and worshiped me like GOD,
I transcended as in her mouth I was caught.
We couldn’t stop and control,
So I gently entered her soul.
We were one complete entity,
not to have lover’s pleasure I pity.
Her tongue moved around my chest,
to lick my sweat.
I bit her lower lip and pressed her hip.
She moaned and turned around,
touched her again with a loud sound.
The force of passion was too much,
cause pleasure was such.
We couldn’t stay longer,
without kissing and touching each other’s face,
so we went back to the first phase.
Eyes penetrating,
souls matching.
For a moment we were unconscious,
it was immense,
unexplained beyond sense.
Fragment of my soul was inside her,
I had no strength so I lied,
on her skin like fur.
She caressed me like a child,
moment of spirituality after the wild.
Kissed again with wet eyes,
making love makes you fly.
We laid in each other’s arms,
feeling cozy and warm.
Like a drug you can’t get enough,
of making love, kiss or a hug.
It’s sensational emotional,
free and devotional.

Love and Fate: The beginning

We were talking for an hour now,
with a strange energy flow.
I wanted to be close but was shy,
she stared at me with a question,
and I knew crime would be not to try.
Seeking permission with eyes,
touched her shoulder,
creased her arm,
Took her hand in mine,
was happy to hear no alarm.
“I have to go.” she said, “I work tomorrow.”
I said, “If something I could, her time I would borrow”.
Telling her how beautiful she looks,
made her blush.
Before leaving we had a long hug,
cause there was no rush.
My lips close to her cheeks,
she trembled as her jaws grew weak.
I couldn’t resist & had no other way,
whispered a kiss If I may.
She closed her eyes and the fire was on,
lips cuddling and fear was gone.
I took her in my arms,
love is cute with some charm.
I was ready to leave after laying her in bed,
stay for the night she said.
We laid together and close,
measured her face with a rose.
Kisses were inevitable,
like a wolf causing Babel in the stable.
Pressed her mountains,
squeezed her body tight,
The joy was insane,
under the sheets, it was a fight.
from her body stripped her clothes apart,
didn’t care what was wrong or right,
saw her in nature,
body like literature.
Every page I want to read,
no ending I need.
love departed me from covers,
in nature were to lovers.
She shy-ed away,
like that, I couldn’t stay.
Told her if she is not ready,
“I can wait”.
rather regretting I prefer it late.
Just lie for a while with me,
so I did how she wanted it to be.
Gently touching her hair,
gave me a sense of care.
We didn’t feel individuals,
but a pair.
Told her how much I love and respect her,
If she doesn’t want, I won’t dare.
She said, “You are the one for me”.
The night was stormy.

The One!

The one.

You are not the one,
to share my cup of tea on a cold winter night.

You are not the one,
who will go to the temple with me to pray.

You are not the one,
to walk hand in hand on a rainy day.

You are not the one,
who will get angry and fight.

You are not the one,
to tell me pizza is a healthy diet.

You are not the one,
who’ll feed my kids with her breast.

You are not the one,
to climb the Everest.

You are not the one,
to walk with me on the sandy beach.

You are not the one,
I’ll rush home to reach.

You are not the one,
to listen to my stupid jokes.

You are not the one,
who will give my chest gentle strokes.

You are not the one,
to hear my stories.

You are not the one,
to share my glories.

You are not the one,
to see my sunrise and sunset.

You are not the one,
But there’s a reason we met.

You are not the one,
to share this life with me.

You are not the one,
that’s why from you I’m setting myself free.


Oh love I welcome you to the city of the dead,
where the streets are painted red.
forget animals,
here humans aren’t being fed.
A system we have they say,
Lord forgive their stupidity I pray.
A system where people live on the streets,
where children eat with the dogs,
where they walk bare feet,
a slave society of hogs.
A system we have they say,
Lord forgive their stupidity I pray.
A system where work is prime,
but easy success comes with crime,
you are not a human,
so do not sleep and get to work on time.
A system we have they say,
Lord forgive their stupidity I pray.
A system which controls you,
manipulates you since birth,
tells you that GOD is real and true,
and shows a middle finger to the Earth.
A system we have they say,
Lord forgive their stupidity I pray.
A day will come when it will be too late,
you will be just a cattle to work and breed,
The day when there will be no love or hate,
All you will have is remorse and no creed.
A system we have they say,
Lord have mercy on us I pray.

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