Love and Fate: The beginning

We were talking for an hour now,
with a strange energy flow.
I wanted to be close but was shy,
she stared at me with a question,
and I knew crime would be not to try.
Seeking permission with eyes,
touched her shoulder,
creased her arm,
Took her hand in mine,
was happy to hear no alarm.
“I have to go.” she said, “I work tomorrow.”
I said, “If something I could, her┬átime I would borrow”.
Telling her how beautiful she looks,
made her blush.
Before leaving we had a long hug,
cause there was no rush.
My lips close to her cheeks,
she trembled as her jaws grew weak.
I couldn’t resist & had no other way,
whispered a kiss If I may.
She closed her eyes and the fire was on,
lips cuddling and fear was gone.
I took her in my arms,
love is cute with some charm.
I was ready to leave after laying her in bed,
stay for the night she said.
We laid together and close,
measured her face with a rose.
Kisses were inevitable,
like a wolf causing Babel in the stable.
Pressed her mountains,
squeezed her body tight,
The joy was insane,
under the sheets, it was a fight.
from her body stripped her clothes apart,
didn’t care what was wrong or right,
saw her in nature,
body like literature.
Every page I want to read,
no ending I need.
love departed me from covers,
in nature were to lovers.
She shy-ed away,
like that, I couldn’t stay.
Told her if she is not ready,
“I can wait”.
rather regretting I prefer it late.
Just lie for a while with me,
so I did how she wanted it to be.
Gently touching her hair,
gave me a sense of care.
We didn’t feel individuals,
but a pair.
Told her how much I love and respect her,
If she doesn’t want, I won’t dare.
She said, “You are the one for me”.
The night was stormy.

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  1. Mundu u have words Nice to see this…. Because mos of peoples have imotion felling…etc..But haven’t words to express it… U have this God gift.. But ….. But have many questions


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