Love and Fate: Eternal Amalgamation

The night was stormy,
lying close,
made us horny.
I creased her back and inner thighs,
where her soft spot lies.
Moaning in joy and ecstasy,
my lips pressed against her’s,
pure fantasy.
in my hands covered her face,
was enough to make her heart race.
I touched her curves and edges,
not enough she alleges.
I flicked the nourishers with my tongue,
a beautiful song was sung.
I adored thy belly,
and moved towards the arch.
Fingers running over my head,
nails digging to leave a mark.
She pushed me and worshiped me like GOD,
I transcended as in her mouth I was caught.
We couldn’t stop and control,
So I gently entered her soul.
We were one complete entity,
not to have lover’s pleasure I pity.
Her tongue moved around my chest,
to lick my sweat.
I bit her lower lip and pressed her hip.
She moaned and turned around,
touched her again with a loud sound.
The force of passion was too much,
cause pleasure was such.
We couldn’t stay longer,
without kissing and touching each other’s face,
so we went back to the first phase.
Eyes penetrating,
souls matching.
For a moment we were unconscious,
it was immense,
unexplained beyond sense.
Fragment of my soul was inside her,
I had no strength so I lied,
on her skin like fur.
She caressed me like a child,
moment of spirituality after the wild.
Kissed again with wet eyes,
making love makes you fly.
We laid in each other’s arms,
feeling cozy and warm.
Like a drug you can’t get enough,
of making love, kiss or a hug.
It’s sensational emotional,
free and devotional.

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