Girl with a Garbage giant.

I see it everywhere right now right here.
While we sit in restaurants,
eating our fancy meal,
some lives beg, fight and steal.
While we sip martinis,
they are hopeless on their knees.
While you panic about little fuck ups,
struggle to live they can’t give up.
We get too confused for what to wear,
they wear rags of the invisible tear.
Sitting in air conditioning driving your fancy cars,
they are fighting survival wars.
You cry on bruises,
they can’t worry about scars.
While your Cinderella is acting stubborn,
with hunger their stomach burn.
The food you waste,
on which they feed.
While you are sweating in gym,
in the real world they bleed.
Just talk no action,
we blame and blame,
I blame not you but me,
because we are the same.
We have enough, when will we realise,
greed is our demise,
sharing is caring,
by giving we rise.
Homeless but happy,
hungry but smiling,
few things to learn.
We can end it all,
only if we decide,
by not buying another pair of shoes,
instead help them we can try.
All I want is world,
to be a better place,
for all,
no matter which race,
because in the end,
our deeds we’ll face.
Past is gone,
Future will come,
Present is a present and right now here,
we’ve got so much to give,
to live,
to share,
to love and care.

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