Meaning of Life!

Saint in the mountain,
they say has the life’s fountain.
I have to go see him,
where there is light but it seems dim.
I climbed hours tired,
no sign of life to admire.
Waiting behind the rocks I slept,
opened my eyes in cave carefully kept.
Meditating saint,
small body shadow giant.
Me: “What are you doing?”,
He said: “Seeds of life I’m sowing”.
Strange thing to say,
Me: “One question please,
Before my regards I say”.

Me: “What is life?”
“Dreams they say,
with no price to pay.
I offered my soul,
to this life’s role.
Deep in the deepest,
where silence rest.
I made a quest,
to find Moksha’s nest.
Confusing it may sound,
can make you go round and round.
Once found,
joy is profound.
Answers are simple,
questions aren’t complex.
Once understood,
flame’s relation to wood.
Easy as it gets,
life’s show and its sets.
Just smile and shift,
you’ll know life is a gift.”

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