Burning World!!

The world is burning,
And we are watching.
The skin peeled off,
Still we are scratching.
We are the sheep,
But Shepherd isn’t the lord anymore.
We feel sorry when someone weeps,
But we quickly look for the exit door.
Death and destruction may not be near your kingdom,
But that doesn’t mean you should stay mum.
What happened to our intelligent species,
When some people are forced to eat feces.
ISIS is not a terror group but an industry,
So is USA look at the history.
What happened to native Americans and Japanese,
Is not a mystery.
The point is not to blame,
But to wake you sane.
We live, work and die for the businessman,
We call it jobs because slavery is banned.
Killing a Muslim Killing a Christian,
Killing a Hindu and killing a Human.
There’s no difference,
it’s life you dispense.
Who gave you the right?
Why this ego and might?
Money is a tool to control with no real value,
its existence is dependent and shallow.
Pablo Escobar once burnt two million dollars to keep his daughter warm.
Doesn’t matter if you are Bush or Saddam,
Doesn’t matter if you live in a Palace or a little farm.
The day it all ends,
All your treasures will stay here.
You’ll be just a memory,
So show a little kindness and care,
While you are alive,
Cause there’s nothing wrong in being fair.
Stop living like a hamster,
With life have a love affair.
Please let’s stop being greedy,
We have enough to share.
Life always give you what you want,
But can you give life what it needs.
This process is complicated like food makes blood,
But on blood how long can you feed.
There’s much to say,
I’m not here forever to stay.
Follow the right path,
Cause we have debts to pay.
You’ll keep learning all your life,
The last thing you’ll learn is how to die.

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