Foolish is the tyranny of men,
for not know the end is when.
Longing of yearnings,
cravings of desires.
Strength of greed,
stones on fire.
Sky of red blood,
snow of brown mud.
Black of water,
blessings of the Father.
How long shall it prevail,
after the love failed.
Better is dumb not to know,
dead diamonds fake glow.
Complicated for scholars,
sometimes simple for a fool.
Torn in two,
no heart can rule.
Mercy cannot forgive,
the pain to fuel.
“I” caused atrocity,
to provide its absurdity.
The hate chained in lashes,
world burnt to ashes.
Love forgotten,
with souls rotten.


Viking saga.

So it begins with the roars,
a war cry to open hell’s doors.
You are the death,
you are the afterlife.
Shoot punch,
kill with the knife.
The enemy is your mercy,
release and demonize.
no love no passion,
kill and die to rise.
Time to pay your debt,
fight till the last drop of blood is left.
Home is far,
dark time need you shining like a star.
Life is for honorable and proud,
we are the death to the grim reaper,
say it out loud.
Time to paint blood,
play with enemy’s head.
You are not a body but soul,
wounds are easy to heal but not from a lost goal.
wear the rage,
to conquer is your role,
freedom or cage.
We are men of the free world,
to kill is your act and battlefield is the stage.
Innocent we protect,
and sinners we ravage.
You are the Gods of war,
prized possession are the battle scars.
Write your own story,
cause life is a blank page.

What is life?

What is life?
Look at the sky,
No end to fly.
Why complain or cry?
Life is beautiful,
You just have to try,
Hurdles will break,
Patience it will take.
Just walk and smile.
You can make it worth a while.
Stop hate and anger,
Let love linger,
See the green here,
milky way’s flare.
Breathe and smile,
You can make it worth a while.
Everything is fine,
on the dinner table
there will be a bottle of wine.
Look for the signs,
Happiness is everywhere,
you just need to share.
Don’t forget to smile,
Only You can make it worth a while.
Funny it may sound,
But what goes around,
Comes around.

Everyday Valentines

To my love my life.
It was just a game,
our relation had no name,
I thought love was lame,
I was a wild wolf,
for nobody to tame.
I never imagined us,
till I found we are the same.
Honestly, you started like the rest,
I don’t know how but you became the best.
I love the way you care and respect me,
with you, I feel free.
What we have is not common and easy to understand,
but incredible things can happen on Indian land.
You broke all the walls,
now there is just a curtain,
to the bottom of my heart, you made the call,
so now to be with you is certain.
We fight hard but we love hardest,
with you, every day is a fest.
Your smile makes my day,
your funny faces take all the sorrows away.
Your sweet kisses give me the strength,
your eyes have ocean’s length.
I wanna travel the world and share all my experiences with you,
I really love you it’s true.
Fuck Valentine’s day,
cause it’s just one,
let’s celebrate love every day,
and make our lives happy and fun.

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