Everyday Valentines

To my love my life.
It was just a game,
our relation had no name,
I thought love was lame,
I was a wild wolf,
for nobody to tame.
I never imagined us,
till I found we are the same.
Honestly, you started like the rest,
I don’t know how but you became the best.
I love the way you care and respect me,
with you, I feel free.
What we have is not common and easy to understand,
but incredible things can happen on Indian land.
You broke all the walls,
now there is just a curtain,
to the bottom of my heart, you made the call,
so now to be with you is certain.
We fight hard but we love hardest,
with you, every day is a fest.
Your smile makes my day,
your funny faces take all the sorrows away.
Your sweet kisses give me the strength,
your eyes have ocean’s length.
I wanna travel the world and share all my experiences with you,
I really love you it’s true.
Fuck Valentine’s day,
cause it’s just one,
let’s celebrate love every day,
and make our lives happy and fun.

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