Shadows of the night.

Strange shadows in the dark places,
I wonder what they want,
Long necks and short faces,
I wonder what they desire.
Dare I won’t inquire.
Can’t see them,
even though they sit next to the fire.
“Who goes there”, I heard the sound,
“It’s me a boy Sire”, fear grew around.
Carry on don’t stop and stare,
the offer was more than fair.
Once a while,
curiosity can cause atrocity.
“May I ask something?”,
It was only silence to sing.
The fire grew dim.
I started walking away,
Ignorance is bliss they say.
Few steps later had courage,
to face paranoid rage.
Getting back to the stage,
seemed like a long age.
Beware said my trembled heart,
strange is the story of this part.
Hands rubbing in confusion,
a thunderstorm broke the illusion.
I looked around to see emptiness,
nobody to address.
Did it really happened or not?
Strange men in the dark places,
I didn’t find any traces.

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