What happened to us?

The sorry state of beloved planet,
that I don’t feel sorry anymore,
all seas are polluted,
and lifeless are shore.
People are divided,
on their own,
based on religion castes borders,
honest days are gone.
Rich are getting richer,
poor are stupid,
in between are the slaves,
doing greed’s bid.
Science is the new religion,
earth is oval or not,
who knows the truth,
in faith and scientific calculations we are caught.
Maybe it’s all just a coincidence,
maybe there’s a reason,
we don’t need science or religion,
if we all stand united as one.
I don’t know the answers,
but don’t pretend that you do,
just like mine,
your ancestors died too.
How did we get so stupid,
destroying the nature and started killing each other,
I thought Earth was our home,
and we were sisters and brothers.
Where is honor and conscience,
honor not for killing in the name of honor,
conscience for the mother nature,
to do something instead of being a groaner.
I’m just a dumb little poet,
you are smarter than me,
then tell me this,
why your GODs live in cages,
while Devils run free?

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