Fairy tales and love stories.

Fairy tales and love stories,
Are faker than blue sky.
To live them in real,
All life you try.
It’s not your fault but the social circle is so,
Teaching us about the energy flow.
There’s no positive or negative,
It’s all what you grow.
The fear of retribution is imaginary,
Cuz oh my God hell is scary.
Stop feeding kids with the bullshit of honesty and kindness,
While brutality and chaos is what the world deserves.
Don’t teach and preach the good human philosophy,
You are going to confuse them and make them weak.
Instead teach them how to survive in the jungle of the condemned,
How to be strong enough not to bend.
This world isn’t about sunshine and rainbows,
It’s about highs and lows.
Honesty is weakness,
Kindness is sickness.
Empathy is idiotic,
Sympathy is chaotic,
Compassion is for looser,
Winning is for the chooser.
You can strongly disagree with me,
But I don’t care,
Cuz deep down we know the truth,
that if life is or isn’t fair.
My sarcasm may not be understood,
but it is as it should.


Cry or try.

You can’t say sorry,
and leave me alone.
You can’t let me find,
that you are gone.
No reason no goodbye,
no hello no hi.
Don’t know if I should,
try or cry.
My heart is sinking,
so I’m drinking.
High I need,
high I feel.
But it’s not that easy,
wounds take time to heal.
I hope it was simple,
was just another wrinkle.
I won’t be sad,
won’t be back.
A World I’ll create,
for you I won’t wait.
There’s nothing anymore,
pain, love or hate.
I’ll carry the memories,
of unfading stories.
It’s alright,
you are gone.
Part of me died,
but rest will live on.

Bring it to the ring!!

Oh mother why can’t I tell you how I was raped,
I’m scared if I have ruined family name,
by letting those bastards penetrate.
Oh father where are my words to explain how I was molested,
I don’t know if you’ll beat me,
if I tell you that the School principal touched my Dick.
I don’t know who to blame,
to say it today the courage with time it came.
Why raping your wife is fine,
but Public Display of Affection is a crime.
What kind of society we live in,
who allows boys to share beds, but homosexuality is a sin.
What the fuck is this moral policing,
a bunch of mother fucking impotent’s bullying.
To them I say,
bring it to the ring.
Who are these people defending GOD’s honor,
is your GOD so small that he needs humans to defend him and to spread horror.
One joke about Tendulkar and Lata made the whole country enraged,
what about Sarabjeet 24 years he was caged.
What is wrong with us, we give reservations to hooligans,
and actors have licence to kill.
After being slaves and history being tempered,
we have forgotten our way of life and culture.
We are the people of the great civilization who wrote kamasutra for PHD,
while British were covering their privates with leafs.
We are the great people who welcomed all religion,
who protected all heathens and pagans.
I wish I was superman,
I would eradicate all this hypocritical society imposing the ban.
I sound radical, but I ask you,
with mosquitoes in your house what do you do.
You smash it so hard,
wishing if you could kill it’s soul too.
Don’t applaud after I finish,
but go home and think.
Let my words eat your soul,
to make you think for making the world a better place,
what is your role.

Homeless wishes.

The night gets colder,
days are hot.
Two sneaky mice,
sleeping next to me I caught.
My happy world living off the streets,
people call me a dead beat.
I wonder how it’s like,
riding in those big fancy cars.
How them people feel,
dancing drunk at the bar.
I get to live,
thanking God for whatever he give.
On a rainy night,
my heart feels light.
I wonder if rich feels the same,
if they really enjoy the rain.
Sometimes it’s hard to stay drenched,
so I dry myself on the park bench.
The files sing lullabies at night,
with fluctuating street lights.
I heard intellectuals talk,
what is life’s purpose.
I wonder what they meant.
my life starts with a nickel,
ends with a cent.
I had a friend called Grover,
some rich drunk guy,
ran him over.
So I sleep under the bench on the street,
mosquitoes tickle my feet.
Stupid dogs steal my food,
I told them it’s rude.
But they bit me and I bled,
now my leg is red.
I don’t feel well,
maybe I’m sick,
no doctor to tell.
I know I’m special,
when kids give me their smiles.
But Life is beautiful,
and so is she.
One day I’ll buy a house,
and give her the key.
One day she gave me her apple core,
she is sweet but her feet were sore.
I wanted to give her my shoes,
but they have no sole.
One day I’ll give her everything,
she’ll be the queen and I’ll be the king.
There’s a big house very near,
in which they’ve caged God I fear.
I wish I could talk to him once,
so many things to say for this life,
Thanks will be the first.

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