Homeless wishes.

The night gets colder,
days are hot.
Two sneaky mice,
sleeping next to me I caught.
My happy world living off the streets,
people call me a dead beat.
I wonder how it’s like,
riding in those big fancy cars.
How them people feel,
dancing drunk at the bar.
I get to live,
thanking God for whatever he give.
On a rainy night,
my heart feels light.
I wonder if rich feels the same,
if they really enjoy the rain.
Sometimes it’s hard to stay drenched,
so I dry myself on the park bench.
The files sing lullabies at night,
with fluctuating street lights.
I heard intellectuals talk,
what is life’s purpose.
I wonder what they meant.
my life starts with a nickel,
ends with a cent.
I had a friend called Grover,
some rich drunk guy,
ran him over.
So I sleep under the bench on the street,
mosquitoes tickle my feet.
Stupid dogs steal my food,
I told them it’s rude.
But they bit me and I bled,
now my leg is red.
I don’t feel well,
maybe I’m sick,
no doctor to tell.
I know I’m special,
when kids give me their smiles.
But Life is beautiful,
and so is she.
One day I’ll buy a house,
and give her the key.
One day she gave me her apple core,
she is sweet but her feet were sore.
I wanted to give her my shoes,
but they have no sole.
One day I’ll give her everything,
she’ll be the queen and I’ll be the king.
There’s a big house very near,
in which they’ve caged God I fear.
I wish I could talk to him once,
so many things to say for this life,
Thanks will be the first.

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