Bring it to the ring!!

Oh mother why can’t I tell you how I was raped,
I’m scared if I have ruined family name,
by letting those bastards penetrate.
Oh father where are my words to explain how I was molested,
I don’t know if you’ll beat me,
if I tell you that the School principal touched my Dick.
I don’t know who to blame,
to say it today the courage with time it came.
Why raping your wife is fine,
but Public Display of Affection is a crime.
What kind of society we live in,
who allows boys to share beds, but homosexuality is a sin.
What the fuck is this moral policing,
a bunch of mother fucking impotent’s bullying.
To them I say,
bring it to the ring.
Who are these people defending GOD’s honor,
is your GOD so small that he needs humans to defend him and to spread horror.
One joke about Tendulkar and Lata made the whole country enraged,
what about Sarabjeet 24 years he was caged.
What is wrong with us, we give reservations to hooligans,
and actors have licence to kill.
After being slaves and history being tempered,
we have forgotten our way of life and culture.
We are the people of the great civilization who wrote kamasutra for PHD,
while British were covering their privates with leafs.
We are the great people who welcomed all religion,
who protected all heathens and pagans.
I wish I was superman,
I would eradicate all this hypocritical society imposing the ban.
I sound radical, but I ask you,
with mosquitoes in your house what do you do.
You smash it so hard,
wishing if you could kill it’s soul too.
Don’t applaud after I finish,
but go home and think.
Let my words eat your soul,
to make you think for making the world a better place,
what is your role.

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