Fairy tales and love stories.

Fairy tales and love stories,
Are faker than blue sky.
To live them in real,
All life you try.
It’s not your fault but the social circle is so,
Teaching us about the energy flow.
There’s no positive or negative,
It’s all what you grow.
The fear of retribution is imaginary,
Cuz oh my God hell is scary.
Stop feeding kids with the bullshit of honesty and kindness,
While brutality and chaos is what the world deserves.
Don’t teach and preach the good human philosophy,
You are going to confuse them and make them weak.
Instead teach them how to survive in the jungle of the condemned,
How to be strong enough not to bend.
This world isn’t about sunshine and rainbows,
It’s about highs and lows.
Honesty is weakness,
Kindness is sickness.
Empathy is idiotic,
Sympathy is chaotic,
Compassion is for looser,
Winning is for the chooser.
You can strongly disagree with me,
But I don’t care,
Cuz deep down we know the truth,
that if life is or isn’t fair.
My sarcasm may not be understood,
but it is as it should.

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