Temporary fears.

Stormy nights,
conflagration fights.
Love is beautiful,
if it is right.
This life or another,
doesn’t really matter.
The distance you covered,
the joy you shared.
The pain you crave,
the love you gave.
Innocent child to behave.
Easy come easy go,
to this river there’s no flow.
Inside your heart,
kill the darkness and let the light grow.
Butterfly whispered in my ears,
temporary are all your fears.
Raindrop called out loud,
to fall and rise I’m proud.
Breeze closed closed my eyes,
and taught me how to fly.
My heart grew impatient,
to stay I was never meant.
My lyrics may not rhyme,
I may not have enough time.
But I have enough to give back,
before my existence sack.


Never give up.

Colors to colorblind,
rude to be kind.
Sight to blind,
is all in my mind.
Karma and destiny,
won’t set you free.
Search in your heart,
what you want to be.
Greatness in you,
is all true.
Search you’ll always have to,
hurdles you’ll have to go through.
Never give up never quit,
keep walking,
life is not to wait and sit.
Mountains aren’t high,
Desert not long enough,
Sea not deep,
only if you try.
Pain will be insane,
happiness rented.
Rise and shine,
this is your time.
Past is gone,
future will come,
struggle is to present,
ask the Sun.

Only if I!!

If I knew,
I wouldn’t.
If I knew it will be like this,
so much struggle for bliss.
I wouldn’t do.
If I knew the pain of the ice,
to melt for light,
I wouldn’t do.
If I knew the fear of the dark,
the blinding of the spark.
I wouldn’t do.
If I knew the crisis of the lord,
the power to accord.
I wouldn’t do.
If I knew the race of race,
the meaningless destruction to face.
I wouldn’t do.
If I knew the love of sorrow,
the consequences of tomorrow,
I wouldn’t do.
If I knew the freedom of universe,
the limitless curse.
I wouldn’t do.
If I knew the dispute of existence,
the manipulating reference.
I wouldn’t do.
If I knew the burning of desires,
fuel to fires.
I wouldn’t do.
To feel is something,
But If I knew the inside of you,
I wouldn’t do.

Together we can.

It’s stupid and idiotic,
What we do all the time,
Atheist or agnostic,
GOD is not prime.
I got this hate,
Will be your fate,
You won’t survive this monster you create.
War, killings, and fight,
Is all in the sight.
Some think it’s wrong,
Some think it’s right.
Well I ask you all,
Why humanity has to fail and fall.
Do you think if you pray,
There will be an answer to your call?
Sound to the deaf,
Sight to the blind,
Love to a heartless,
And breath to the dead.
Won’t make sense,
So here I say,
Forever peace,
Is rare to stay.
If you want something so precious,
everybody has to pay the price.
I’m not a scholar or a politician,
So don’t listen to my advice.
We all want something,
But it’s not the same thing.
It’s horrible to kill in the name of GOD,
People who do that are fraud.
Earth is beautiful and big,
Let’s share it and live.
Death is inevitable,
So why be a retard,
Everybody is loveable,
So let’s start.
Forgive and forget,
We all know,
But we don’t follow.
Loving and sharing
Is not gonna cost much.
So pledge to yourself,
This change to the world you will bring.

Unite and overcome.

I want to write,
I want to fight.
There’s no reason,
no rhyme,
My heart is empty,
soul hollow,
but there’s a light,
I’ll follow.
I can’t be sad,
cause the world has gone mad.
Rich earth is beautiful,
to hurt each other,
reasons are null.
humans are all the same,
no one to blame.
Nobody stood the ground,
when the time came.
We complain and complain,
but not about the real pain.
Few of us knows,
where the darkness grows.
Fairness, equality, and justice,
is a dream,
not near it seems.
We shall overcome,
we shall overcome,
can’t happen,
if we are not united as one.

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