Together we can.

It’s stupid and idiotic,
What we do all the time,
Atheist or agnostic,
GOD is not prime.
I got this hate,
Will be your fate,
You won’t survive this monster you create.
War, killings, and fight,
Is all in the sight.
Some think it’s wrong,
Some think it’s right.
Well I ask you all,
Why humanity has to fail and fall.
Do you think if you pray,
There will be an answer to your call?
Sound to the deaf,
Sight to the blind,
Love to a heartless,
And breath to the dead.
Won’t make sense,
So here I say,
Forever peace,
Is rare to stay.
If you want something so precious,
everybody has to pay the price.
I’m not a scholar or a politician,
So don’t listen to my advice.
We all want something,
But it’s not the same thing.
It’s horrible to kill in the name of GOD,
People who do that are fraud.
Earth is beautiful and big,
Let’s share it and live.
Death is inevitable,
So why be a retard,
Everybody is loveable,
So let’s start.
Forgive and forget,
We all know,
But we don’t follow.
Loving and sharing
Is not gonna cost much.
So pledge to yourself,
This change to the world you will bring.

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