Temporary fears.

Stormy nights,
conflagration fights.
Love is beautiful,
if it is right.
This life or another,
doesn’t really matter.
The distance you covered,
the joy you shared.
The pain you crave,
the love you gave.
Innocent child to behave.
Easy come easy go,
to this river there’s no flow.
Inside your heart,
kill the darkness and let the light grow.
Butterfly whispered in my ears,
temporary are all your fears.
Raindrop called out loud,
to fall and rise I’m proud.
Breeze closed closed my eyes,
and taught me how to fly.
My heart grew impatient,
to stay I was never meant.
My lyrics may not rhyme,
I may not have enough time.
But I have enough to give back,
before my existence sack.

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