Narcissist me.

This sweet serenity,
of vanity.
Narcissism is inevitable,
sounds crazy.
Ain’t it true,
horse asked the hoof.
We can deny,
but within us it lies.
We never say who we really are,
what we think.
hiding our scars.
We are complicated,
so let it be,
let us be happy,
simple and free.
No anchors no chains,
no sacrifices to blame.
Paradise you don’t get,
but you make.
wonder if it’s all real,
or fake.
Mammoth to butterfly,
not sure but is worth a try.
Live right now,
ten feet under soon you’ll lie.


The question?

If this is the end,
let it be.
To scratch the layer,
I’m not meant to be.
Greatest of them all,
one day will fall.
You live only once they say,
there’s a price to pay,
I’m an artist,
not a performer to play.
My words are immortal,
like a genie caged in a bottle.
I can write what will please,
but my true existence will cease.
I’m a soul looking for the answer,
to find the cure to this cancer.
Why do actors get paid more than soldiers,
Why do athletes make more money than farmers?
Crazy is good in this world insane.
rest is mundane.
Hate exists because of love,
respect cause snub.
There’s a web we live in,
body is sin and we are the fin.
We are programmed for greed,
and breed,
and breed greed.
We say we know the difference between wrong and right,
then why exist the inner fight?
We say something and do the other,
we exploit the country we call mother.
We deceive and hurt the weak and honest,
This is why our minds can’t rest.
Now is a good time to start,
balance is not an effort but an art.
Good or bad change is inevitable,
So the question is,
what are you bringing to the table?

Your fable!!

Every day we come across,
But can you really see the peace in chaos?
Lonely you feel,
But is it real?
Everything seems falling apart,
You don’t know where to start.
Good to have the feeling of being lost sometimes,
It gives the opportunity for a fresh crime.
The world gets confusing,
Acknowledgment of pains we keep refusing.
The heart sinks for no reason,
feelings on treason.
Eyes teary and soul weary,
Voice heavy and skin dirt smeary.
It’s hard to define,
Wishing emotions could be refined.
Hollowness eating inside,
Like a termite.
Neither will not energy,
But you still have to fight.
These moments are quite random and often,
Like wobbly legs at a marathon.
But we need to carry on,
From dusk till dawn.
We just have to remember,
That it’s all for a while,
Things will always get better,
Just don’t forget to smile.
Smile has supernatural powers in it,
Like Gautam Buddha just smile and sit.
Remind yourself how awesome you are,
In-Universe like a shining star.
You are an unstoppable miracle,
Your soul is indestructible only your body can be feeble.
You are fierce, strong and untouchable,
Cuz this is your fable.
The mantra is to keep your mind working,
And your heart stable.

Dear Love

Dream on they say,
but live in reality.
Love if you may,
not the vanity.
I contradict myself,
with concepts of heaven or hell.
Would you prefer a rose,
or a rotten fish to smell.
Both exist together,
without one is no value to other.
You see what you wanna see,
not a slave but not entirely free.
You shackled yourself in chains,
of fake happiness and pain.
We know what’s right and wrong,
but with convenience we go along.
It’s just expression of oppression,
coming out after society’s failed brain wash session.
Think what you learned and look what you are doing,
Listen to what your heart says and watch what you are saying.
We need to rediscover love and care,
need to forgive and be fair,
cuz you’ll leave one day,
but your deeds will stay here.

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