Your fable!!

Every day we come across,
But can you really see the peace in chaos?
Lonely you feel,
But is it real?
Everything seems falling apart,
You don’t know where to start.
Good to have the feeling of being lost sometimes,
It gives the opportunity for a fresh crime.
The world gets confusing,
Acknowledgment of pains we keep refusing.
The heart sinks for no reason,
feelings on treason.
Eyes teary and soul weary,
Voice heavy and skin dirt smeary.
It’s hard to define,
Wishing emotions could be refined.
Hollowness eating inside,
Like a termite.
Neither will not energy,
But you still have to fight.
These moments are quite random and often,
Like wobbly legs at a marathon.
But we need to carry on,
From dusk till dawn.
We just have to remember,
That it’s all for a while,
Things will always get better,
Just don’t forget to smile.
Smile has supernatural powers in it,
Like Gautam Buddha just smile and sit.
Remind yourself how awesome you are,
In-Universe like a shining star.
You are an unstoppable miracle,
Your soul is indestructible only your body can be feeble.
You are fierce, strong and untouchable,
Cuz this is your fable.
The mantra is to keep your mind working,
And your heart stable.

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