The question?

If this is the end,
let it be.
To scratch the layer,
I’m not meant to be.
Greatest of them all,
one day will fall.
You live only once they say,
there’s a price to pay,
I’m an artist,
not a performer to play.
My words are immortal,
like a genie caged in a bottle.
I can write what will please,
but my true existence will cease.
I’m a soul looking for the answer,
to find the cure to this cancer.
Why do actors get paid more than soldiers,
Why do athletes make more money than farmers?
Crazy is good in this world insane.
rest is mundane.
Hate exists because of love,
respect cause snub.
There’s a web we live in,
body is sin and we are the fin.
We are programmed for greed,
and breed,
and breed greed.
We say we know the difference between wrong and right,
then why exist the inner fight?
We say something and do the other,
we exploit the country we call mother.
We deceive and hurt the weak and honest,
This is why our minds can’t rest.
Now is a good time to start,
balance is not an effort but an art.
Good or bad change is inevitable,
So the question is,
what are you bringing to the table?

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