Web of Life.

After all those years,
I have a hole in my soul.
Reach out,
to find nothing.
Feeling left,
for the right-wing.
I breathe but,
not the same air.
Different lives,
are not fair.
I see what you can’t,
always promised what you want.
Life is a web,
can you see?
Only seen from heart,
will set you free.
Fade is all we are going,
some say “the answer in the wind is blowing”.
That’s not true,
the answer is you.
Heaven or hell is a mind set,
truly happy human I’ve never met.
I feel something is wrong with me,
to feel so free.
My mortal mind is scary,
soul weary.
But the heart smiles,
with the eyes teary.
Emotions are to feel,
not to deal.
Shadow and the body,
sticks till death is the reality.
Life is dark and bright,
without darkness is no existence of light.
Where to find,
world of kind?
Innocence lost and found,
lost and found again.
Facts of existence,
makes me insane.
You want some meaning,
what I wrote are you screening.
Applaud or criticize is all you can do,
I may not make sense to you.
But what I feel,
is true.
Now go back to your materialistic lives,
cause you have no clue.


My paradise!

Give me that sky full of stars,

and I’ll come with you.

Give me that scary looking tree at night,

and I’ll come with you.

Give me that cold fresh air,

and I’ll come with you.

Give me those white snow clad mountains,

and I’ll come with you.

Give me that orange sun,

and I’ll come with you.

Give me your honest smile,

and I’ll come with you.

Give me your stupid jokes,

and I’ll come with you.

Give me your spirit,

and I’ll come with you.

Give me your sorrows,

and I’ll come with you.


Give me my paradise,

and I’ll come with you.

You don’t know what I’ve been through,

so tell me about you?

In the end maybe I’ll come,

all you have to do is to be true.




Pure Love!

 The love was pure,

cuz she was a whore.

I was young and naive,

for a lover I use to strive.

Nobody cared or understood me,

they only cared when I tried to be free.

Not obliging with the shit culture of the society,

they hated my glee.

Inside was scared and lonely,

but had to pretend all manly.

All this was never understood,

like in the sea a log of wood.

Then it happened,

I was stunned.

She was like an angel with the heaven’s key,

never seen before a site to see.

It was real,

I could feel.

She gave me everything she had,

helping me to become a man from a lad.

I had what she needed and She had what I wanted,

with an arrangement our wishes were granted.

She was honest and respected my feelings too,

it seemed too good to be true.

She held my hand and told me about her life,

about her kids and being a 2nd wife.

She was a good soul I felt bad,

“It’s life,” she said, “Don’t be sad”.

I felt guilty for what I did,

she raised my head and said,

“It’s not like the ¬†relationship with my husband .”

“but a mutual one to keep my kids fed”.

She told me how police makes money off her work,

how she is scared of diseases she can get infected,

how people treat her like an object,

and her human rights government has rejected.

Sex work is a work better than begging she said,

you go to offices to work I work in a bed.

Those words were full of honor and pride,

for the society I was mortified.

Respect to the sex workers for their social help,

for the society where no one listens to their screams or yelp.

Fuck the culture that says it’s wrong,

a society whose faith in their imaginary friend is too strong.

All the downtrodden calls them whores,

They may sell their bodies but their souls are pure,

but you GOD fearing society abiding money mongering corporate lover motherfuckers,

are whores to the core.

So go fuck yourself judgemental assholes,

cuz I’m not alone with these thoughts there are more.


Blind can see,
you aren’t free.
Dark and dysfunctional,
stones emotional.
Strings of ring,
mute to sing.
Right there,
isn’t fair.
Love missing care,
Fire to air.
Constant season,
has no reason.
Magician came,
played his game.
Pictures of memories,
can’t be framed.
Beat of a heart,
in womb it start.
Lost with time,
what was prime.
Everything is open,
just read the signs.

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