Bomb City : A true story

Just finished watching Bomb city. I would not say I’m surprised to see the law works in favor of the rich because the law is by the rich for the rich to oppress the poor and middle class. Another tool above the law to keep poor and middle class in control is religion. I will not talk much about it in detail as it is a small movie review.

This movie for me deserves 10/10 as it is a cry for justice and we need to respond to it but the real score for the movie from a review point of view will be 8.1/10.

It is a story of conflict between a group of punk rockers and jocks in Texas U.S.A. Really well directed and it will keep you guessing what happened till the end. The actors also did a great job. The whole movie crew has done a marvelous job. The timing of shots is perfect. Some bits of the movie are little slow but its the part of the plot and there are always little scenes not to be missed.

It is not a regular commercial movie that is what makes it better than rest of Hollywood flicks. I want to say so much about the movie but it will ruin the plot and the suspense. So once you are done watching the movie kindly leave a comment in the comment section if you want to discuss.

Watch the trailer:


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