Last Letter to Mother!

Dear Mother,
I’m not sure if you will receive this letter or not because we are surrounded by enemy forces. In case you are reading this then I think it will be safe to say that I’m dead. Now don’t be sad and remember the promise I took from you about giving me birth from your belly again in the next life. I’ll be waiting to be born again as your son.
Since this is my last letter I would like to say things which I could not or did not say enough. First of all, I love you mom and I’ve never loved anyone more than you in this life because you and dad gave me this life. I love your food, sometimes I was critical but you still are my favorite cook and the best chef in the world. I’m sorry for not getting married and giving you a grandchild but I never found someone as good as you were to dad. I wanted what you guys had and most of the times I was let down by the new culture which promotes separation more than commitment. So I’m sorry for not giving you the satisfaction of seeing me married but you should feel happy for me because I achieved my dreams.
I never understood the world. It was a confusing place. You taught me to be honest but only corrupt rules the world. You told me to be kind while only rude people are appreciated and loved. You said there is a God and we are his children then why does he let us suffer and do not guide us? I kept asking all these questions to myself for a long time and finally, I concluded that everyone has a character and you can choose how you want your character to play the role. I discovered I was a warrior and I’ve always been, even though I did not join the army because you did not want me to. I think it was a good decision as an army is always at the disposal of politicians and politicians are the parasites who are sucking the humanity out of the world and represents the worst of us. So I joined the volunteer army for saving civilians in conflicted areas and I’m sorry for not telling you about it before joining, I remember you were so mad when you got to know but I had to do this ma.
I’m sure you will be happy to know that I found my purpose since I joined the volunteer army. I did what I always wanted, to protect the innocent and weak from the evil. I’m a warrior and warriors do not die in beds but on the battlefield with pride. My moment has come as we have been surrounded by the enemy forces. I’m sad not for me but for my brothers in arms will have the same fate as me. I’m sorry again for I will not surrender to be returned safely but instead, I will fight till the last drop in my blood. I’m your son and you told me to be sensitive but not a coward. I hope you will be proud of me and won’t be sad as I’ll be feasting with other warriors and Gods in Valhalla.
You will be happy to know that so far our team has been able to save 7 villages with a total population of around 1500. I will not tell you how many people I’ve killed in battle because I’m not proud of killing anyone because they are also sons like me. You know how much I hated killing anything that when I was growing up that I made the whole family vegetarian. Killing is senseless but is an inevitable part of human nature. So here I am killing to stop killings, ironic. Someday If you can then visit the kids from the villages we saved and you will see a part of me living with them.
Tomorrow I’m going to battle for the last time. This life was a battle and it was not possible without you. You made me everything I am today and thanking you can never be enough. I’m in debt to you but I want more of this debt. I wish to have you as my mother again and again. I’m really proud of you, you are the most caring, loving, kind, warm, brave, honest and proud person I’ve ever known. Thanks for everything ma, I’ll come bother you in your next life again. Till then tell my stories to other kids to make them laugh and inspire them as you did me.

Note: I know how much you will love to save this letter to read it again but please burn this letter with my body.

A lot of Love and respect.
Your mischievous son.

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