The Real Problems of India: Part2

Before you go ahead with the article I would request you to read The Real Problems of India: The Beginning and The Real Problems of India: Part1 to understand the story so far. This is the last edition of The Real Problems of India series for now.


8. Terrorism

This issue is global and needs to be tackled urgently. Many other nations are doing a great job at handling terrorists. India did a great job of handling terrorism in Punjab but Jammu and Kashmir have always been a talk of the town and it seems more of a political propaganda for diverting the attention of the masses. It is reflecting badly on Indian image on the global platform as a nation unable to solve its issues, it is also affecting tourism and it is also causing economic problems. India also needs to settle its disputes with the North Eastern terrorists(Bodos and Naxals). Most of the governments come and keep cashing in on these issues rather than solving the problem. These crises are also increasing due to lack of education, unemployment, high population, and mistreatment by the government authorities. Almost every year there are terrorist activities occurring around the country badly affecting the public safety and the tourism.
9. Manage Tourism.


The biggest problem terrorism has caused in India is in Jammu and Kashmir. It used to be called as mini Switzerland and the local population was thriving on tourism but as soon as the terrorists started attacking civilians and tourists Kashmir saw a heavy decline in tourism. This affected the tourism economy negatively causing local businesses to shut down or to move to another place in the country. Something similar is happening in North Eastern states too. India is also a hub for cheap tourism and many people come to India due to cheap drugs and lost costs of products. I’ve traveled extensively around India and met so many people who were traveling in local trains without buying tickets to save money. India way longer than their Visa limit. The government needs to monitor all these activities and also need to find a way to promote good tourism rather than just being a junkie hub. The easiest way to do that is by legalizing drugs like marijuana and regulating it. This way the government will have all the control over drugs, the mafia and will also be creating job opportunities for people. I’ve been raising my voice about the benefits of legalizing marijuana on many social events and I will continue to do so. India is also a paradise for criminals escaping the law in their own countries as there is no control over tourists, for example, Goa has Russians living almost all the year and so is the case with people from Israel in Kasol. Most of these tourists are working for mafias and are also hiring locals to work for them which is not good for the countries future.

10. Take actions against Pollution

I’ve been talking about pollution levels rising in India for a long time. The situation is so grave that people can’t even breath without using masks in the national capital Delhi. I was in Delhi when the smog hit Delhi in November and it is not just Delhi there is at least one super polluted city in every state. The problem is also that nobody is talking about it. Media is silent, people don’t care and new Government is already busy dealing with all the mess previous government created. Back in 2006, France called back its Toxic warship Clemenceau which was supposed to dispose of in India. Thanks to good French Samaritans who raised their voices against this inhumane decision as the ship was supposed to be scrapped manually by poor Indian workers. The irony of it all was that people of France cared about Indian lives and the government of India didn’t. The problem of pollution is also affecting the economy in a negative way so it is high time for India to deal with this problem now or it will cost heavily in the future.
11. Divided society.


Indian constitution was written in the 40’s of the 20th century, we are living in the frikin 21st century. There were so many policies that were supposed to be revised and reapplied but everytime those bills come to the attention of the parliament they quickly get passed without a look. There are many such articles but I’ll discuss only a few. India can never be a superpower or a developed nation till its people are not united. When Dr. Ambedkar created quota system he was expecting the society to grow out of inequality and it worked very well for first few decades. The only thing Dr. Ambedkar didn’t see coming was the greed of politicians to gain power. The reservation has increased to 50% since Independence and this capping of 50% is all thanks to the supreme court. Since the majority of the population belongs to the schedule or backward classes the power-hungry politicians keep playing with the reservation policy to increase their vote bank. Recently government also gave reservation to women too and all this is just increasing the gaps in the society and is leading to a clan base culture. In recent years many communities like Jats, Lingayats, Patels, Gujjars, Muslims, Gowdas came out protesting(violent or peaceful) asking for the reservation rights. Reservation was a dream which has turned into a nightmare which is destroying the nation from within. The real terror of reservation came out when Jats took the streets for the protest to demand reservations and started vandalizing property and raping women and the most disturbing part was that the government was helpless. This demon of reservation needs to be addressed on an urgent basis before it takes its real ugly shape.

The first native commander-in-chief of the Indian Army Kodandera M. Cariappa rejected the proposal of reservations in Indian armed forces for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
He stated that this kind of policy will not let the right talent to come and serve the nation which will degrade the standards of Army and will also increase the chances of defeat in battle.
We always want best athletes in Olympics, best singers in the music industry, best doctors to treat us but when it comes to education and employment it’s not the same approach. It’s been more than 70 years of independence now and if we still need reservations then it proves our society and our policies have failed to educate our own countrymen. The evil politicians are flourishing on this policy of divide and rule left behind by the rulers of our ancestors(British).

“How can a country develop where everyone is trying to prove themselves as a backward class for social benefits” – Er. S.K.Sharma

That was a long list but we still haven’t covered all the problems which are hindering the growth of this amazing nation of beautiful and kind souls. There are various aspects which need to be taken into account. India is one of the eldest civilization and a global scientific contributor. Indian culture promoted peace and harmony when the rest of the civilizations were based on savagery. Constant invasions in the history and slavery impacted the life in India negatively.
Many Indians are already working for the growth of the nation and this is why India is doing good so far but to be the best the entire nation needs to come together and work towards prosperity. The people of India need to come out together as one nation for all the problems and the day is not far when India will be a superpower. To know what changes India needs in order to grow faster, stay tuned.

I thank you for your time. Please leave your comments in the comment section.


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