Stand tall!

My hands are shaking,
I can’t write.
But I’ll do what I have to,
to make it alright.
With tears in eyes,
comes the moment to rise.
No one can stop me,
now I am truly free.
Won’t sing a sad song.
that time is long gone.
Invincible and unstoppable,
putting my sorrows and fears on the table.
I’m not afraid,
my debts I’ve paid.
I am what I made,
never to fade.
This world is small and weak,
people are sheep cause money they seek.
I am God,
I am proud.
Death can’t kill,
such strong is the will.
Nothing to loose,
only to choose.
Power beyond imagination,
new world’s creation.
Going to make it all,
rising after the fall,
To stand tall.


Dark cloud.

No sun for me,
it’s bright and shiny.
But when I go out,
a dark cloud follows.
I run and hide,
societies rules,
I try to abide.
But when I go out,
a dark cloud follows.
I went to dessert,
but it didn’t let me rest.
It’s my kryptonite,
I tried but couldn’t fight.
Maybe it’s my Karma,
But when I go out,
a dark cloud follows.
I cried in its shadow,
you reap what you sow.
I lost and regret,
I cried and cried hiding my face,
He said, “between us, there’s no race”.
I belong to you and you to me,
There’s no running away,
I’m here to stay.
For all your deeds,
It’s the price to pay.
You burn this world given,
religion for a heathen.
When will you wake up,
when will you change.
Look at the history,
you never learn and it’s strange.
It’s in your heart,
you are invincible,
shout it out loud.
Someone needs you,
when you are in your comforts,
someone is dying hungry,
while you are building your forts.
For humanity, for love,
for peace and for God,
shake and break,
foundations fake.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

It is good rom-com. I would rate it 6.9 for the comedy and 6.1 for romance so the movie overall is 6.5 rated. It is mostly comedy and is romantic in bits and pieces. Seth Rogan, Elizabeth Banks, Craig Robinson and rest of the cast has done an outstanding job.

It is a silly movie, one time watch but it won’t let you get bored anywhere at all. The movie goes at a good pace. The whole production team has done a great job with shots, story, costumes, makeovers etc.

There are some scenes where you may need to pause to laugh and watch out for bloopers too.

Watch Trailer Here:

Ned Kelly: Heath Ledger Movie

I am a big Heath fan but this movie was not one of his best performances. The cast for the movie is good and the story is really great but the movie couldn’t do justice to the Kelly Gang. There’s another one with Mick Jagger as Ned Kelly, I haven’t seen it and I’m not even interested.

The story is pretty standard and has some little changes but not too much. The movie runs at a very fast pace and sometimes leave you with questions. I would rate it 6.4. Rest of the cast has also done a great job and the direction is pretty neat.

A good one time watch and a must watch if you are missing Heath, or are a fan of outlaws and cowboy movies.

Watch Trailer Here:


You make me laugh,
You make me cry.
You make me crawl,
You make me fly.
You get me down,
You make me high.
You make me giggle,
You make me sigh.
You get me scared,
You make me try.
You come close,
Then you say bye.
You are the truth,
You are the lie.
You make me blind,
You opened my third eye.
You are the earth,
You are the blue sky.
You are my security,
You are my spy.
You are my chilly,
You are my apple pie.
You’ve gone away,
But you seem nearby.
You gave me life,
Taught me how to die.
To our love,
No rules apply.
In our dictionary,
There is no word like Goodbye.
You’ll always be my girl,
And I’ll be your guy.

Silenced: A true story

I’m so angry right now that I prefer to stay in my house rather than going out and find someone praying to GOD. I do not hate anything but Pedophilia and rape are two things that I hate from the bottom of my heart and this movie got my blood all boiled up.

I pity the fools who think that if someone is a godly person then he or she is ought to be a good person. I know for sure that most of the pedophiles are very religious. Have you ever heard of a punk rocker raping a child?

The movie deserves 10/10 for bringing out the truth but from a technical movie review point of view, it will get 8.5 from me. The direction is really good. The whole movie crew has done a really good job. The story is great and the actors did justice to the characters. It is a movie which will keep you biting your nails.

Another reason to watch this movie is that it is not a regular commercial movie.

Once you are done watching the movie kindly leave a comment in the comment section (but be subtle and not spoil the movie for the rest of the people) because I would love to talk about the shit we let happen in the world in the name of religion.

Watch trailer:

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