Silenced: A true story

I’m so angry right now that I prefer to stay in my house rather than going out and find someone praying to GOD. I do not hate anything but Pedophilia and rape are two things that I hate from the bottom of my heart and this movie got my blood all boiled up.

I pity the fools who think that if someone is a godly person then he or she is ought to be a good person. I know for sure that most of the pedophiles are very religious. Have you ever heard of a punk rocker raping a child?

The movie deserves 10/10 for bringing out the truth but from a technical movie review point of view, it will get 8.5 from me. The direction is really good. The whole movie crew has done a really good job. The story is great and the actors did justice to the characters. It is a movie which will keep you biting your nails.

Another reason to watch this movie is that it is not a regular commercial movie.

Once you are done watching the movie kindly leave a comment in the comment section (but be subtle and not spoil the movie for the rest of the people) because I would love to talk about the shit we let happen in the world in the name of religion.

Watch trailer:

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