You make me laugh,
You make me cry.
You make me crawl,
You make me fly.
You get me down,
You make me high.
You make me giggle,
You make me sigh.
You get me scared,
You make me try.
You come close,
Then you say bye.
You are the truth,
You are the lie.
You make me blind,
You opened my third eye.
You are the earth,
You are the blue sky.
You are my security,
You are my spy.
You are my chilly,
You are my apple pie.
You’ve gone away,
But you seem nearby.
You gave me life,
Taught me how to die.
To our love,
No rules apply.
In our dictionary,
There is no word like Goodbye.
You’ll always be my girl,
And I’ll be your guy.

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