The Real Problems of India: Part2

Before you go ahead with the article I would request you to read The Real Problems of India: The Beginning and The Real Problems of India: Part1 to understand the story so far. This is the last edition of The Real Problems of India series for now.


8. Terrorism

This issue is global and needs to be tackled urgently. Many other nations are doing a great job at handling terrorists. India did a great job of handling terrorism in Punjab but Jammu and Kashmir have always been a talk of the town and it seems more of a political propaganda for diverting the attention of the masses. It is reflecting badly on Indian image on the global platform as a nation unable to solve its issues, it is also affecting tourism and it is also causing economic problems. India also needs to settle its disputes with the North Eastern terrorists(Bodos and Naxals). Most of the governments come and keep cashing in on these issues rather than solving the problem. These crises are also increasing due to lack of education, unemployment, high population, and mistreatment by the government authorities. Almost every year there are terrorist activities occurring around the country badly affecting the public safety and the tourism.
9. Manage Tourism.


The biggest problem terrorism has caused in India is in Jammu and Kashmir. It used to be called as mini Switzerland and the local population was thriving on tourism but as soon as the terrorists started attacking civilians and tourists Kashmir saw a heavy decline in tourism. This affected the tourism economy negatively causing local businesses to shut down or to move to another place in the country. Something similar is happening in North Eastern states too. India is also a hub for cheap tourism and many people come to India due to cheap drugs and lost costs of products. I’ve traveled extensively around India and met so many people who were traveling in local trains without buying tickets to save money. India way longer than their Visa limit. The government needs to monitor all these activities and also need to find a way to promote good tourism rather than just being a junkie hub. The easiest way to do that is by legalizing drugs like marijuana and regulating it. This way the government will have all the control over drugs, the mafia and will also be creating job opportunities for people. I’ve been raising my voice about the benefits of legalizing marijuana on many social events and I will continue to do so. India is also a paradise for criminals escaping the law in their own countries as there is no control over tourists, for example, Goa has Russians living almost all the year and so is the case with people from Israel in Kasol. Most of these tourists are working for mafias and are also hiring locals to work for them which is not good for the countries future.

10. Take actions against Pollution

I’ve been talking about pollution levels rising in India for a long time. The situation is so grave that people can’t even breath without using masks in the national capital Delhi. I was in Delhi when the smog hit Delhi in November and it is not just Delhi there is at least one super polluted city in every state. The problem is also that nobody is talking about it. Media is silent, people don’t care and new Government is already busy dealing with all the mess previous government created. Back in 2006, France called back its Toxic warship Clemenceau which was supposed to dispose of in India. Thanks to good French Samaritans who raised their voices against this inhumane decision as the ship was supposed to be scrapped manually by poor Indian workers. The irony of it all was that people of France cared about Indian lives and the government of India didn’t. The problem of pollution is also affecting the economy in a negative way so it is high time for India to deal with this problem now or it will cost heavily in the future.
11. Divided society.


Indian constitution was written in the 40’s of the 20th century, we are living in the frikin 21st century. There were so many policies that were supposed to be revised and reapplied but everytime those bills come to the attention of the parliament they quickly get passed without a look. There are many such articles but I’ll discuss only a few. India can never be a superpower or a developed nation till its people are not united. When Dr. Ambedkar created quota system he was expecting the society to grow out of inequality and it worked very well for first few decades. The only thing Dr. Ambedkar didn’t see coming was the greed of politicians to gain power. The reservation has increased to 50% since Independence and this capping of 50% is all thanks to the supreme court. Since the majority of the population belongs to the schedule or backward classes the power-hungry politicians keep playing with the reservation policy to increase their vote bank. Recently government also gave reservation to women too and all this is just increasing the gaps in the society and is leading to a clan base culture. In recent years many communities like Jats, Lingayats, Patels, Gujjars, Muslims, Gowdas came out protesting(violent or peaceful) asking for the reservation rights. Reservation was a dream which has turned into a nightmare which is destroying the nation from within. The real terror of reservation came out when Jats took the streets for the protest to demand reservations and started vandalizing property and raping women and the most disturbing part was that the government was helpless. This demon of reservation needs to be addressed on an urgent basis before it takes its real ugly shape.

The first native commander-in-chief of the Indian Army Kodandera M. Cariappa rejected the proposal of reservations in Indian armed forces for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
He stated that this kind of policy will not let the right talent to come and serve the nation which will degrade the standards of Army and will also increase the chances of defeat in battle.
We always want best athletes in Olympics, best singers in the music industry, best doctors to treat us but when it comes to education and employment it’s not the same approach. It’s been more than 70 years of independence now and if we still need reservations then it proves our society and our policies have failed to educate our own countrymen. The evil politicians are flourishing on this policy of divide and rule left behind by the rulers of our ancestors(British).

“How can a country develop where everyone is trying to prove themselves as a backward class for social benefits” – Er. S.K.Sharma

That was a long list but we still haven’t covered all the problems which are hindering the growth of this amazing nation of beautiful and kind souls. There are various aspects which need to be taken into account. India is one of the eldest civilization and a global scientific contributor. Indian culture promoted peace and harmony when the rest of the civilizations were based on savagery. Constant invasions in the history and slavery impacted the life in India negatively.
Many Indians are already working for the growth of the nation and this is why India is doing good so far but to be the best the entire nation needs to come together and work towards prosperity. The people of India need to come out together as one nation for all the problems and the day is not far when India will be a superpower. To know what changes India needs in order to grow faster, stay tuned.

I thank you for your time. Please leave your comments in the comment section.



The Real Problems of India: Part1

In case you stumbled upon this article first I would request you to read The Real Problems of India: The Beginning to understand the story so far.

4. Government Jobs

India is a huge nation and before the rise of the private sector in last few decades the biggest industry was the government. The time has proven that Indian government is a failed organization still operating with a maximum operational cost to its clients and that are the people of India. I don’t want to ignore the good work done by the government but it is so minimal as compared to the damage done that it could be ignored. The people working in the government sector consider themselves as superior to their employers, civilians of the country. The efficiency of government offices is negative or zero. The problem is the structure of the system, government employees do not have the fear of losing their jobs which is very important for people of India to work as most of Indians work for having a secured life, which is being provided by the government jobs. The youth of India desire one thing only and that is to somehow clear the exam for any government job and then live a happy prosperous life. Whereas the private sector is working more efficiently in India as the jobs are more for people with performance. The government employees don’t have to bear any consequences for delay or no work at all. I’m sure that if the government changes its policies about the jobs being provided by them to make it more performance-based, all the government employees will take the streets and march against the government. That brings me to my next point.
5. The mentality of the general population.


Note: Before I go on with this topic I just want to say I love the people of India and they are good people but there are few bad apples too, so if anyone feels offended please remember I’m not talking about you but the bad guys.
There is a lazy attitude in the culture and people are often known for not valuing time. Most of the time people have the attitude “Someone will do it” but nobody wants to be that someone. People want the change and when changes are made the same people complain. People of India are more happy to have freebies rather than working hard. India is called the innovation hub. There are Indians who are actually working hard to achieve success but the general population is happy with the low quality of services and cheap alternate techniques called “Jugaad”. One example I can come up with right now is Bollywood and Indian music Industry, there is zero originality in the movies and songs. So they are basically cashing in on other artist’s work. India has the biggest movie industry in the world producing around 2000 movies a year. Mafia is involved in the entertainment industry as it is easy to evade taxes and money laundering is easy. This is why Taxation becomes a part of the problem rather than a solution.
6. Manage Taxes.

Nobody in India wants to pay taxes and everyone is always looking for ways not to pay taxes. This is due to the fact that corruption in India has been flourishing for many centuries. The biggest scandal I can quote is the telecom scandal by minister Andimuthu Raja of worth $40bn (£24.5bn). So people do not feel secure to pay their taxes to the government. Recently one of my friends said “Why shall I pay the government more, when I pay tax on everything around me except the air that I breathe. Why shall I pay a government who will not take care of me in case I don’t have a job”. This kind of insecurity also pushes the common people to evade taxes and on top of that Indian tax system is one of the most flawed ones. It provides enough loophole for businessmen and rich to save the tax money. Recently the government of India has applied GST as one tax rather than multiple tax system India had for a long time. This GST is supposed to help Indian tax system and benefits the economy, people and ease of doing business. Let’ see the basic problems with Indian tax system.
a. High Rate of Direct Taxes
India is still one of the highly taxed countries, even though the direct tax has reduced from 50% to 30%(plus 2% surcharge). The problems with the high direct tax are tax evasion and avoidance hence the yield of direct taxes in India is very low.
b. Low Contribution of Income Tax
Per capita income in India is very low and the exemption limit is high. People also try to reach the exemption limit to avoid paying income tax by investing in government approved insurances, NSCs, units of UTI, of public provident fund etc. According to a survey conducted in 2013, only 1% of the Indians pay their taxes.

c. Double Taxation of Dividends
This particular problem is the leading cause of India being difficult for business. Companies pay corporate taxes on their profits and then the dividend is divided among the shareholder which is further taxed as personal income tax.
“Dugna lagaan dena padega” quote from movie Lagaan.
d. The absence of Agricultural Income Tax.
With all the poor farmers committing suicides and government waive off their loans it is difficult to even talk about taxing the agriculture income but it is important. There are a lot of rich farmers and big agricultural industries across India who are misusing this tax benefit. So it becomes important to revise and reintroduce the agricultural income tax.
e. Widening the Indirect of Tax Net
Indirect tax is the biggest source of revenue for the government. The decline in revenue from direct tax and rise in indirect tax is not good for the poor people. Indirect tax is the tax we pay for food, transportation, goods, and services etc and direct tax is the income tax, corporate tax etc. A box of bread cost the same for rich and poor but the poor pay more tax due to low income while the rich pay very less as per the income. This widening between direct and indirect tax makes life easy for the rich and difficult for poor.

7. Control corruption

As we discussed in the previous problem that one of the most prominent causes of people not choosing to pay direct tax is the distrust caused due to Corruption. No country is untouched by Corruption but every year Indian politicians face corruption charges without strict consequences which is why people have almost no faith in the government with their money. The problem of corruption is not just on the political level but it has its roots in the culture that is why it is difficult to uproot it. Indian culture is so deeply infested with corruption that it doesn’t seem like a crime but more like a regular process of doing things. With the rise of social media and social rights awareness now more people are coming together to fight against it. The current government is also trying to fight against corruption but the method used far had adverse effects on the economic situation of the country, for example, demonetization. The corruption may not seem like a grave issue but it directly helps in weakening the growth of the country. This is where the whole country needs to change and government alone is helpless. Yes, of course, the government can come up with strict laws as China or other nations with dictators or communist approach but that will not reflect well on Indian democracy and the capabilities of people as a nation. The whole nation needs to come together as one like they do against terrorism, which is another problem India is facing for a long time.

To read the next part of the article please go to The Real Problems of India: Part2(coming in two days).


The Real Problems of India: The Beginning

Most of the time when we hear India we think of colors, yoga, meditation, busy cities, spicy food and some other things which are shown to us by mainstream media. Some people interested in politics or history may know more but still do not know India completely. India is a developing nation and is a neighbor to an unstable democracy called Pakistan and China a communist government based on the oppression of its own people and other neighboring countries. These factors affect the growth of India as well as with many others like terrorism, overpopulation, corruption, lack of education, manipulated media, over religiousism etc. India needs to work a lot on its fundamental problems. There are certain factors that need to be worked on and policies needed to be revised. We will discuss some of the problems without going into too many details or else each topic is good enough for 4-5 articles on their own. There will be many topics we’ll not be able to cover in this article but will be done soon. So without further ado, let’s see few of the challenges India needs to overcome.

                                                                The Problems
1. Manpower

Manpower management is a problem for countries where working population is less but India has a new crisis and that is having too much manpower on hand. India is worlds largest population and worlds youngest nation, that is a really good combination for any nation to grow but the problem India facing is the amount of skilled labor.
India produces a large number of scientists, doctors, and engineers but most of them leave the country and work in other nations in search of a better life. The work culture in India isn’t very employee friendly for the private sector and hence the talented people prefer to work for other nations than India. People have to work overtime without being paid or sometimes without any salary and the governments have failed to regulate labor rules.
Another part of the manpower crisis is the rise of uneducated and unskilled youth. Most of the young India population is coming from remote areas and the education available in the remote areas is not up to the global standards, which is why most of the youth keep struggling for jobs. The recent push by the Indian government to help the entrepreneurs has helped to a certain extent but more initiatives are required.
29 December 2017 Times of India published an article about retired railway staff being rehired to compensate for the lack of skilled labor.
29 August 2017 Hindustan Times published an article about the lack of than medical labor.
The root of these problems with unskilled labor and too much manpower can be understood more in the following two points.

2. Education

India used to be a hub for research and education but with the uprooting of the traditional education system and the introduction of new western designed education, the students are bearing the consequences. There are basically three types of education in India:
a. Poor.
First of all, it is really difficult for poor to get the education and even when they do the level of education received is the lowest of its quality.
b. Middle class.
For the middle class, the education is so damn expensive that some families have to get the loan from the banks to help their child study.
c. Rich.
Rich has a different kind of education as they can pay as much as demanded. These three types of education are completely different from each other.
Most of the population belong to the poor and middle class and hence I’m going to discuss the problems with the Poor and middle-class education system.
1. Rat race.
The education system in India is more pro jobs rather than pro-entrepreneurial skills. It also lacks personalization for teaching methods. Parents push their kids to study to work in the government sector of multinational companies, this is why India produces an enormous amount of Engineers and Doctors but 80% of them struggle to get jobs due to less number of jobs and high competition. Students are pushed more to opt for science and discouraged to study arts, history or other nontechnical fields.

2. Poor infrastructure.
Most of the schools or colleges lack the required laboratories or infrastructure for practical learning. Students are made to focus on theory rather than practicals. Some schools in remote areas do not have basic amenities like chairs and table. Sports infrastructure is a far-fetched dream in a country where playing sports is considered as a waste of students time.
3. Uninspired Educators.
Educators most of the time are the people who either took the job because they had no other prospects or they wanted a relaxed life. Another problem which also causes educators to be uninspired is the low wages they work with.
4. Oppression of original thinking.
The main focus of the education system is to make students mug-up the syllabus for passing the exams with good score. Originality is not promoted and neither are analytical skills. The whole education revolves around scoring in the exam and not providing information for students to explore or have creative ideas.
5. Reservation system.
This system was designed to uplift the oppressed backward societies of the country. It helps many backward classes to get education and jobs but at the same time, it oppresses the upper-class students from getting a good education or the jobs. Many times students from the poor upper caste society don’t get what they deserve due to the reservation system. Reservation system needs to be revised to end social disparity.

3. Control Population

India is overpopulated for its own and global good. It is high time now that it must be controlled but the problem is that people of India are not even aware of that. Some blame goes to the totally dysfunctional mainstream media. The media in India is doing a perfect job at brainwashing people and hiding the facts. Nobody really gets to know what is really happening but everyone cares about movie(Padmavati) controversies. The overpopulation is damaging India in many ways:

a. Fewer resources.
This one was obvious as we have a limited amount of resources. Even the natural resources will not be able to cope up with the growing population as we have altered the natural process of birth and death. More people will only help deplete these resources faster. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.
b. Increase in unemployment.
With more people, the number of jobs will seem less and less. Especially with the rising population of people who lack skills there will still be jobs but not enough eligible candidates and this will only add to the increasing unemployment. This will give rise to criminal activities.
c. More crime to come.
As the unemployment will increase and with the scarcity of resources it is very likely to deduce that people will resort to criminal activities. With a massive population, it is already difficult for Indian law enforcement to catch criminals. Its just the religion which is still keeping people from indulging in criminal activities but how long will religion keep the hungry stomachs quiet.
d. More communal violence.
As I said religion is keeping people good for now but the day is not far when people will start using religion as a weapon to fulfill there needs. India is a secular country and it has shown a great potential of being a secular democracy with fair treatment of all religions. If the population keeps on increasing and the people will start having an economic crisis, communal violence is very likely to be the first step for people towards crime.
e. Pollution.
India has many names across the globe and being worlds trash can is one. People of India aren’t very keen on keeping the country clean either. With more people, there will be more carbon. More vehicles will be required and will cause further pollution. In order to employ more people government will have to come up with more jobs and more industries hence more uncontrolled industrial pollution.

To read the next part of the article please go to The Real Problems of India: Part1.



Last Letter to Mother!

Dear Mother,
I’m not sure if you will receive this letter or not because we are surrounded by enemy forces. In case you are reading this then I think it will be safe to say that I’m dead. Now don’t be sad and remember the promise I took from you about giving me birth from your belly again in the next life. I’ll be waiting to be born again as your son.
Since this is my last letter I would like to say things which I could not or did not say enough. First of all, I love you mom and I’ve never loved anyone more than you in this life because you and dad gave me this life. I love your food, sometimes I was critical but you still are my favorite cook and the best chef in the world. I’m sorry for not getting married and giving you a grandchild but I never found someone as good as you were to dad. I wanted what you guys had and most of the times I was let down by the new culture which promotes separation more than commitment. So I’m sorry for not giving you the satisfaction of seeing me married but you should feel happy for me because I achieved my dreams.
I never understood the world. It was a confusing place. You taught me to be honest but only corrupt rules the world. You told me to be kind while only rude people are appreciated and loved. You said there is a God and we are his children then why does he let us suffer and do not guide us? I kept asking all these questions to myself for a long time and finally, I concluded that everyone has a character and you can choose how you want your character to play the role. I discovered I was a warrior and I’ve always been, even though I did not join the army because you did not want me to. I think it was a good decision as an army is always at the disposal of politicians and politicians are the parasites who are sucking the humanity out of the world and represents the worst of us. So I joined the volunteer army for saving civilians in conflicted areas and I’m sorry for not telling you about it before joining, I remember you were so mad when you got to know but I had to do this ma.
I’m sure you will be happy to know that I found my purpose since I joined the volunteer army. I did what I always wanted, to protect the innocent and weak from the evil. I’m a warrior and warriors do not die in beds but on the battlefield with pride. My moment has come as we have been surrounded by the enemy forces. I’m sad not for me but for my brothers in arms will have the same fate as me. I’m sorry again for I will not surrender to be returned safely but instead, I will fight till the last drop in my blood. I’m your son and you told me to be sensitive but not a coward. I hope you will be proud of me and won’t be sad as I’ll be feasting with other warriors and Gods in Valhalla.
You will be happy to know that so far our team has been able to save 7 villages with a total population of around 1500. I will not tell you how many people I’ve killed in battle because I’m not proud of killing anyone because they are also sons like me. You know how much I hated killing anything that when I was growing up that I made the whole family vegetarian. Killing is senseless but is an inevitable part of human nature. So here I am killing to stop killings, ironic. Someday If you can then visit the kids from the villages we saved and you will see a part of me living with them.
Tomorrow I’m going to battle for the last time. This life was a battle and it was not possible without you. You made me everything I am today and thanking you can never be enough. I’m in debt to you but I want more of this debt. I wish to have you as my mother again and again. I’m really proud of you, you are the most caring, loving, kind, warm, brave, honest and proud person I’ve ever known. Thanks for everything ma, I’ll come bother you in your next life again. Till then tell my stories to other kids to make them laugh and inspire them as you did me.

Note: I know how much you will love to save this letter to read it again but please burn this letter with my body.

A lot of Love and respect.
Your mischievous son.

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