Love song for the lonely

Love song for the lonely,

the one and only.

We came alone and will die alone,

to this world unknown.

Journey is what matters,

cuz we know the destiny.

People will say that we are wasting,

but it’s our movie and our casting.

With tune or without,

it’s our song to sing.

We will meet beauty,

to move on is our duty.

We are not meant to stay,

and no one has a say.

Love thyself is important,

to waste time in loving the unloveable we aren’t meant.

Like a rose,

easy to spread but difficult to capture the scent.

Life isn’t about work money drugs religion power or commitments,

but on happiness to spent.

It is difficult to see what is on the other side,

when you are blind.

He said she said is all bullshit,

follow your heart and free your mind.

Failure will be the reason for your laughter,

as success will come after.

But nothing matters in the end as we all perish,

be it Gods legends heroes or fairies.

So spend your time wisely cuz that’s all you’ve got,

or without knowing soon 6 feet under your corpse will rot.


To think.

Amusing as it sounds,
Earth could be round.
Everything is real and phony,
soul to money.
Flowers to bee,
bee to honey.
Rain after heat,
departing to meet.
God once said,
“To think I’ve placed brain in your head”.
Life my friend is wonderful,
be selfish and make it hell.
So much to live,
plenty to give.
Need to break free,
if truth to see.
I’m no saint,
my walls are without paint.
Look inside you,
and find the answers for what to do.

To feel.

Five roads down,
I saw her frown.
For some air,
I gave up the crown.
I thought I was getting,
my life I was letting.
This path I’m leading,
this ego I’m feeding.
Wish I could set it free,
wish I could see.
The truth of life,
the music of silence,
the pain of knife,
the life of death.
They say it’s tough,
but I smile.
When I was happy,
has been a while.
Walking few steps,
seems like a mile.
Maybe nothing is real,
but still, you can feel.

Be the one!!

One day we all will die,
some will go happily some will cry.
We just can’t stop,
but to try.
Beauty is imperfection,
nature’s seduction.
We all are a fraction of fractions,
Love is not just a chemical reaction.
Loneliness teaches you to cherish the company,
loss to epiphany.
We look for fame and fortune,
like a guitar out of tune.
The real treasure is the time spent with beloved,
contemporaries revered.
Clouds can be happy or sad,
related to memories you had.
Time is timeless,
really hard to impress.
Don’t waste the only essential,
realize it’s potential.
Anger and hate clutter your mind,
in giving, true love you’ll find.
Tears are priceless in eyes of love and affection,
words are useless when there’s connection.
I’m not a poet I know my crime,
I try hard to make my words rhyme.
I’m same as you,
dying for dimes.
I would be a saint if I knew all,
but I know some, learned from my falls.
I’m only human,
only to follow nowhere to run.
But we are perfect in our own ways,
cuz making mistakes is to learn and fun.
So be stupid and naive,
and go stir the bee hive.

To dear life: Soul

I burnt to give you light,
I died to give you life.
I fed you with my will,
Even when the world stood still.
I gave you skin,
to cover all your sin.
I am my self-inflicted suicide,
your rules I abide.
I know it’s a beautiful lie,
like everyone else I try.
I’m blind with eyes wide open,
a strong soul with spirit broken.
I am mine,
hoping to shine.
Dreaming about the afterlife,
Is a lie I live by.
Money fame power and shame,
is nothing but just a game.
Break free to see the real side,
while in the coffin your dead body lied.

To Live!

Just across the river is a white farm,

where everything is warm.

Just across the river is a red lake,

offers more than you can take.

Just across the river is a yellow mountain,

which will take away all your pain.

Just across the river is a pink sky,

without limits to fly.

Just across the river is a green dessert,

where nature has a constant concert.

Just across the river is a purple ocean,

with plenty of stars moon and sun.

Just across the river is everything,

when you don’t know how to swim.

Build a boat or learn to float,

but go beyond the river of fears,

wasteful is wondering of a butcher’s goat,

as to live you only have few years.

Sense sake.

Fragrance of flower,
sweetness of honey,
beauty of lake,
is something you can feel,
but can’t take.
God or not,
religion or faith,
Desert without sand,
you can’t understand,
mother to a child,
food for hunger,
love to make,
you can’t fake.
what you won’t do,
for your life at stake.
Music to a song,
words to poem,
creativity to an artist,
can never fade with mist.
Blue of sky,
broken hearts cry.
Bird afraid of height,
pain you can’t write.
Old man’s giggle,
adult’s laughter,
child’s smile,
describes life.

Stand tall!

My hands are shaking,
I can’t write.
But I’ll do what I have to,
to make it alright.
With tears in eyes,
comes the moment to rise.
No one can stop me,
now I am truly free.
Won’t sing a sad song.
that time is long gone.
Invincible and unstoppable,
putting my sorrows and fears on the table.
I’m not afraid,
my debts I’ve paid.
I am what I made,
never to fade.
This world is small and weak,
people are sheep cause money they seek.
I am God,
I am proud.
Death can’t kill,
such strong is the will.
Nothing to loose,
only to choose.
Power beyond imagination,
new world’s creation.
Going to make it all,
rising after the fall,
To stand tall.

Dark cloud.

No sun for me,
it’s bright and shiny.
But when I go out,
a dark cloud follows.
I run and hide,
societies rules,
I try to abide.
But when I go out,
a dark cloud follows.
I went to dessert,
but it didn’t let me rest.
It’s my kryptonite,
I tried but couldn’t fight.
Maybe it’s my Karma,
But when I go out,
a dark cloud follows.
I cried in its shadow,
you reap what you sow.
I lost and regret,
I cried and cried hiding my face,
He said, “between us, there’s no race”.
I belong to you and you to me,
There’s no running away,
I’m here to stay.
For all your deeds,
It’s the price to pay.
You burn this world given,
religion for a heathen.
When will you wake up,
when will you change.
Look at the history,
you never learn and it’s strange.
It’s in your heart,
you are invincible,
shout it out loud.
Someone needs you,
when you are in your comforts,
someone is dying hungry,
while you are building your forts.
For humanity, for love,
for peace and for God,
shake and break,
foundations fake.

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